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Calder used gravity as an external force to create his mobiles. Einöder uses tension as an  internal force to create tensiles. Tensiles emerge from the tension applied to a metal sheet. This tension brings the metal to life.
The search for tension, which begins with a flat pattern, follows experimental steps guided by the interaction between the artist and the material.  The tension applied to the pattern creates a three-dimensional model with a continuous curved shape sometimes interrupted by angles. Tension may also produce kinetic effects depending on  the mass or type of metal. 
Tensiles models can be reproduced  with total precision, in any size, no matter its shape, intriguing as it may be. They can be huge sculptures for public places or very small ones permitting the use of noble metals, i.e. silver. This characteristic also defines Tensiles as Art Multiple.
Even though the forms are abstract, the difference between the abstract and reality is not always clear. Certain creations remind us of important modern architectural structures. Modern architecture is evolving into Sculptural Architecture. Metal Tension Art, as Art-chitecture originates Arquitectonic Sculptures.

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